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Upcoming product features - Jan 2021

There is so much to reflect upon and be grateful for in this unprecedented year, that is finally coming to an end. Weavr team is looking forward to 2021 and the upcoming major release in the month of Jan.

We have worked hard to make Weavr true to it’s name - a comprehensive platform to help weave tight knit communities.

A unified place for all your communities

Building thriving communities needs continuous insights and engagement from ALL communities and channels. This includes both external channels (Hackernews, Reddit, niche tech forums etc.) and managed communities (Github, Discourse, Slack, Meetup groups and more).

Weavr is building a platform that not only provides community insights but also helps manage and engage with members across communities & social channels - all from one place.

Member relations & community member profiles

Connect your Github, Twitter, Meetup and more to Weavr to see a unified view of members, discover the influential members in your community and support their activities from all communities - from a single platform.

Discourse and Slack integration are coming soon.

DevRel KPIs

Quantify the impact of team’s overall efforts by showing the ROI of events, workshops and other activities performed by DevRel & Product teams.

Along with interactive report dashboards to analyze weekly/monthly trends, users can now also download the data in a .csv format by clicking on the 'Download' icon on the top right of any graph.

Measure impact with ‘User Share of Voice’ report

Share of Voice report is a great way to measure the developer conversations you own compared to your competitors. It acts as a gauge for your product visibility and provides insights about top sources to focus on for content and outreach by DevRel & Product teams.

Discover Top Voices in Tech Industry

Discover Technology Influencers based on an algorithm that ranks people based on their overall reach in the tech world - Hackernews, Reddit, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Github, Medium and 1000+ niche technology blogs & forums.

Watch out for our new and improved Influencer module with a better ranking and easy to manage UI.

Empower the community with knowledge boards

Curate shareable content from any source, in minutes, with Weavr community content boards. Empower everyone in you team and in the community to contribute blogs, content, use-cases, videos and tutorials through an easy-to-use online pin board for company-wide and community involvement.

Share the boards publicly or send to teams and community members to amplify in their networks.

Weave-it-forward 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

We are grateful to our customers, advisors, investors, well wishers and everyone involved with Weavr. We are strong believers that meaningful communities make the world a better place and with our Weave-it-forward philosophy, together we hope to help build thriving communities.

If you would like to try Weavr, Request an Invite on Weavr.ai website.

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Here’s to an amazing 2021!