DevRel Asia 2020 in 10 pictures 🥑

Developer Relations or DevRel is a fast growing role that helps companies establish relationship and engage with external developers. With China, India and Japan among the Top 5 regions for open source developers* and a significant growth in the number of developers, the need for Developer Relations in Asia is increasing by the month.

Weavr’s SaaS platform helps companies listen, support and engage with developers and technical communities - all from one place and it was fun to help with DevRel Asia last week.

Weavr’s APAC Ambassador, Amit (@AmitGodbole), helped in organizing the SouthEast Asia track and captured some amazing pictures that tell the impact as well as the multitude of tasks handled by DevRels. The conference brought some amazing speakers coming from Developer Relations, Developer Marketing and Tech Product Marketing experience.

Here are 10 pictures from the conference 🥑.

Curated presentations from DevRel Asia could be found here on weavr.

📣Conference SEA opening by Atsushi san and Tomomi Imura 🍾.

Listening to Developers

Tomomi spoke about the developer centric design and how to create amazing documentation when working with international teams.

“It's all about empathy and listening to developers when you want to build your developer audience” 🎧 - Tamomi

An inspiring interview with ‘She codes Vietnam’ movement 👇🏽.

Scaling Up DevRel Teams

A talk by Elisha Tan on scaling the Devrel teams and the R.E.A.D.Y. framework.

Community Growth Hacking

Anne Regina explained the community growth hack and how they achieved scale at PHP Indonesia.

Building Diverse & Inclusive Communities

Vaibhavi Desai explained about building diverse communities at Gojek and in Asia.

How to DevRel in an online first world

Olle Pridiuksson discussed about the relevance and the changes in DevRel interactions. How do Devrels interact in the world of Zoom and how to successfully work in an online first world.

Giri Kuncoro talked about the CNCF initiative and how they brought Indonesia on the map of OSS communities in a span of 2 years.

How to Make Developers Love Your Marketing

Kushlani De Silva, a Developer Marketer touched upon how to bring true Developer Engagement by striking a balance between Content, Community and Champions.

Building DevRel Programs

The keynote and last talk of the day was an interview with Sami Kizilbash about building Devrel programs. Sami shared his experience in building large programs and the philosophy of google. 

A recording of the SEA track on youtube 👇🏽.

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